You can book appointments online using the following link either from your PC / laptop or a mobile phone; clicking the link will open a new window from which you can make an online booking.

Booking an Appointment

Ring our main switchboard number on (01924) 471115 to book an appointment at either our main practice or our branch surgery.

  • Urgent cases are seen on the day.
  • If your condition is non-urgent, you can expect to see a GP within two working days, though you may have to wait longer if you want to see a particular GP. If you don’t need an appointment within two working days, you also have the option to book up to 4 weeks in advance if this is more convenient for you.
  • Nurses based in our practice treat patients for a wide range of common conditions.
  • Let us know if more than one person in the family needs to be seen. We can give you a longer appointment if necessary.
  • Tell us if you want someone to accompany you during an examination or a private room to discuss any matters. Remember that the results of tests can only be given to the patient.
  • You can book to have a telephone consultation with a doctor.

*We have further early morning appointments for the Health Care Assistant, these appointments are on Wednesday 6.50am and Friday 7am

These appointments are aimed at people who work so that they do not have to take time off; the HCA can do blood tests and blood pressure.

These appointments can be pre booked by calling reception for an appointment.

Help Us Help You

  • Be on time for your appointment
  • Tell us if you need to cancel
  • Ring for test results after 2:00pm

Evenings and Weekends

Evening and weekend appointments now available!

Patients can now see a local GP for routine appointments on weekday evenings and at weekends.

Pre-bookable and on-the-day appointments are available between 6.30pm and 9.30pm each weekday, with additional slots available on Saturdays from 9am and 4pm.

The scheme starts in August when evening and weekend appointments will be available for any patient registered with a GP in North Kirklees.

How to book an evening or weekend appointment

There are ‘pre-bookable’ and ‘on-the-day’ appointments which can be accessed through your own GP practice, or by calling the free NHS 111 phone line out of normal working hours.

Specialist and Hospital Care

If a GP or another member of our health care team believes you need hospital treatment or specialist care elsewhere, they will ask you where and when you would like to go. They can then book your appointment electronically while you wait.

If you would prefer to have some time to think before deciding where and when to have treatment, you will be offered the option of calling the practice later and we will be able to book your appointment then.

Online Consultation


Contact your GP online using patchs