Cherry Tree Surgery Green Plan 2023

Green Plan

The key focus areas are:

• Making our buildings more energy efficient

• Promoting active travel such as cycling, lift sharing and public transport

• Innovative approaches to care

• Sustainable medicines

• Reducing plastic use

• Waste management

• Improving biodiversity and green spaces across our sites

• Energy efficient LED lighting

• Replacing single glazed windows with low U value double glazing to reduce building fabric heat loss

• Installing draft proofing

• Repairing roofs and installing insulation

• Upgrading Building Management System software so we can control and monitor energy usage

• Turning off equipment when not in use

• Reducing excessive heat and noise, switching off lights to help reduce light pollution, closing doors to improve patient safety and privacy and help regulate room temperatures, we can save energy and improve patient experience at the same time

• Reducing the need to print on paper by training staff on how to save directly onto the system

• Use of emails and SMS rather than sending out printed letters wherever we can

• Toners and cartridges are returned to supplier for recycling

• Used batteries are recycled at the nearest supermarket battery recycling scheme

• Contacted Chiesi to enroll on to Take AIR – inhaler recycling scheme. This would be a popular one for the practice as the building is also used by CURO Federation during out of hours.

unknown person holding clear glass ball